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Universal Studio Adapter

The Light Blaster Universal Studio Adapter gives you more blasting power by Attaching the Light Blaster to a studio strobe. The adapter is universal and uses a standard bowl reflector to attach to any studio strobe. Inside the box, you will find, a studio adapter, a small yellow pouch and a hood to keep any light spilling contained.

*The studio adapter is not meant to be used with continuous light sources. ** Light Blaster, Strobe and lens not included

Canon to Nikon Lens Adapter

The Blaster works with Canon lenses right out of the box, if you want to use it with Nikon Lenses, this adapter lets you control the aperture of the lens and make sure it stays open for maximum light output. (Turns out that Nikon has the only lens in the world where the aperture is at its “closed” setting when not connected to a camera).

Pistol Grip – Blast Like A Boss

With this pistol grip you can Blast like a boss – This Pistol Grip by P&C allows you to freely move with the Blaster handheld. It is great for dynamic shoots when you are projecting onto moving objects and it really shines when doing some creative blastin’ mischief.