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Creative Kits

Don’t have 35mm slides? No problem. Our Creative Kits are little bundles of reality printed on specially crafted transparencies for your creative use with the Blaster. These allow you to create a look, a background or a pattern right out of the box. The Creative Kits are made from printed transparency and can stand mild heat coming form a strobe, just make sure you give the heat enough time to dissipate between flash pops.

Each Creative Kit contains several slides and an extra slide cartridge.

Add All Transparency Creative Kits ($68)

Add Pro Gobo Kit To Cart ($68)

Pro Gobo Kit 1

This Pro Gobo set is different than the other creative kits – it is made out of etched metal, similarly to the gobos used in stage lighting.

Aside from being the most exquisite piece of metal you’ll ever get your hands on, the manufacturing process delivers razor sharp edges, true blacks on the blocked areas and superb heat resistance. The kit includes 10 gobos: City Skyline, Matrix, Spotlight, Waves, Japanese Sun, Links, Agave, Stars, Trees, Picket Fence.

Add Pro Gobo Kit To Cart ($68)

Creative Backdrop Kit

Magical forest? Futuristic city? Place your heroes anywhere in the universe with this amazing kit.

While you may not be able to travel to some of the places in the near future, you may certainly find that your models were projected into on of those 21 far or mysterious places: Blue Planet, Green Field, Old Country House, Sunflowers, Modern Country House, Industrial city, Crazy Checkerboard, Earth, Fantasy Space, Orange Twirl, Magical Forest, Blue Portal, Grid, Round Portal, Haunted Lighthouse, Mechanical Wall, Si-fi City, Clouds, Golden Space, Moonrise & Battle Plane

Add To Cart ($17)

Creative Effects Kit

If you’ve been looking to do some creative mischief, or on-model blastin’ this is a great kit for you.

It contains 21 carefully selected slides. The full list includes $100 Bill, Blaster Logo, Nuclear Mushroom, Cherry Blossom, Clear Circle, Cloud Pattern, Cross, crosshairs, Fire Dragon, Blue Marble, Nebula, Grid, Jack of Hearts, Spider Web, Five Point Star, Star of David, Twirl, Window, Angel Wings, Seraph Wings & a Ying-yang Symbol.

Add To Cart ($17)

Wing Effects Kit

The wings Creative kit is made of 21 beautiful wings designs, each crafted by the talented Katie D. Litchfield.

The designs are carefully selected to fit every flying occasion you may experience. It includes Angel Wings, Seraph Wings, Devil Wings, Folded Wings, Fairy Wings, Evil Wings & Forest Wings.

Add To Cart ($17)

35mm Slides Kit

Our team scoured the earth for interesting slides. We went high and low, across valleys, mountains and remote markets to bring you the best collection of 16 totally random slides.

Feel free to use these slides for your personal work. If people appear in the slides, you will need to obtain a their permission before using their photos commercially.

Add To Cart ($17)